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Sewing Courses

Here at Janome we're proud to showcase a wide range of brilliant sewing courses from accross the U.K. Click on your county in the areas column to see all the Janome certified sewing courses in your area!

Joining a sewing group or attending a sewing course allows you to meet like minded stitchers and and improve your sewing skills. We know all our sewing instructors and teachers around the UK and you will usually learn new skills on our fantastic machines.


Sewing groups or courses differ from each location. Some offer one off special courses others are more sociable weekly meetings.
Take a look! 

If you run a sewing course and would like to find out more or feature in our list then please get in touch by email.

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, be sure to watch our Masterclass tutors Jayne Emerson & Dionne Swift in their Fabric Recipes and Establishing a Rhythm videos! Both videos were created in partnership with R & A Collaborations.

CLICK HERE to view the Fabric Recipes video
CLICK HERE to view the Establishing a Rhythm video

Video Inspiration


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