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It's time to try some Cosy Winter Makes inspired by patchwork & quilting. If you've not tried patchwork & quilting before start small, a great way to use your fabric scraps and try some new feet & accessories.

Take a look below!

Snuggle squares, light and layered... Let it grow!
Perfect for those chilly nights. Create a simple squares quilt for layers of warmth, large or small.
There are many Janome sewing machines that are perfect for patchwork & quilting, see the larger arm space Atelier series.
Lets talk feet...

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Cute & Cosy Mug Cover
Keep those winter brews nice and warm with this patchwork mug cover!
Watch the video below to find out more!

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Hot & Huggable Water Bottle Cover
Have a go at making your own patchwork quilt for your hottie!
There are many Janome sewing machines that are perfect for patchwork & quilting. If you are just starting out, try the Janome 230DC or 360DC with the included extension table. Perfect for piecing, just add an optional 1/4" foot and you'll be ready to sew!
Lets talk feet...

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Hints & tips for choosing the correct accessory for your machine

  • We always recommend using genuine Janome accessories.

  • What is your machine maximum stitch width? Check the instruction manual or on computerised models set a zig zag to the maximum stitch width. Alternatively stitch a zig zag stitch and when completed measure.

  • Is your machine front loading or top loading? Does the bobbin fit into a holder at the front of the machine? (Front loading) or drop into the bobbin case from the top (top loading).

  • Shank Height is needed if you require a presser foot that attaches directly to the presser foot holder bar.

The Janome Feet & Accessories catalogue is a helpful guide to know more about which feet and accessories suit your machine.

Looking for inspiration?

Click on the pages below to find other projects to inspire you!


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