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Over a Century of Supporting Creativity

Our Story


Our official 100 Year Anniversary date was on the 16th October 2021.

In 1921, Janome Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. was founded as Japan's first domestic sewing machine manufacturer. Through periods of great change, we have continuously endeavoured to create products that bring enjoyment to our customers, using the best of our technological capabilities and strong spirit to embrace a challenge. During this time, we have been grateful for the unwavering support of our customers.

With our hand-cranked sewing machines we created the first stitch and even today, we are delivering household sewing machines that anyone can easily use, all around the world. Furthermore, this technology is applied to our industrial equipment which will support the new era and those to come.


Our founder Yosaku Ose who founded the Pine Sewing Machine Factory in 1921.

Janome Introduction Video

Click play below to learn more about Janome's history.

Our History

1921 - 1930's

In 1921, our first model the Model 53 (Pine 500 type) was created. In 1935 we officially changed our name to Janome Sewing Machine. In 1936 we opened the Koganei Factory to mass produce our sewing machines.

1940's - 1960's

In 1948, we created our Model 102 unifying the standard dimensions of domestic sewing machines. In 1964 we launched the Model 670, High Dream to commemorate the Tokyo Olympics. In 1965 our head offices in Tokyo are completed.

1970's - 1990's

In 1979 we launched our Memory Craft 7 the worlds first computerised sewing machine. In 1988 Janome Thailand Co was launched expanding our presence in East Asia. In 1991 we launched the Memory Craft 8000 the first 
home-use computerised sewing machine.

2000's - 2020's

In 2000, we created our Memory Craft 10000 the first sewing machine which could be connected to a computer via USB. In 2011 we launched the Horizon Memory Craft 15000, allowing user a vast choice of embroidery options. In 2019 we launched out award-winning Continental M7 Professional.

Let's sew for the next 100 years!

A special worldwide project to celebrate our 100 year anniversary

As part of our 100 year celebrations, Janome Tokyo invited super stitchers from around the world to share their beautiful 100 years inspired creations in the hope to inspire sewists to keep on creating for the next 100 years.

Janome UK couldn't be prouder of our UK representatives. Thank you to all who took part.

To view their creations take a look at the images below!

Working together with Janome.jpg
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