Sewing Machines & Overlockers

From a basic mechanical model to a fully computerised embroidery model, Janome is the world’s number 1 choice for sewing machines and overlockers!

Take a look through our range – we’re sure you’ll find just the machine to spark your imagination!

Standard Machines

Our excellent range of affordable, versatile and effective machines.

Model 2200XT
Model J3-18
Model J3-20
Model J3-24
Model 423S
Model 725S
Model HD2200
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Computerised Machines


The fantastic computerised range allows high-level sewing for beginners and experienced
stitchers alike!

Model 230DC
Model 360DC
Model 5060QDC
Model 740DC
Model 780DC
Model DKS30 SE
Model DKS100 SE
Model M50 QDC
Model M100 QDC
Model M200 QDC
New: Model 5270
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210mm Arm Space

Atelier 3
Atelier 6
Atelier 7
Atelier 9
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Long Arm

Model HD9
Memory Craft 6700P
Memory Craft 8200QCP
Model 9450QCP
Continental M7
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Embroidery Machines

Offering professional-style embroidery from home, the Janome embroidery range allows for the
perfect embroidery!

New: Memory Craft 550E
Quilt Maker MC15000
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CoverPro 2000CPX
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Model 9300DX
Model 6234XL
AT2000D Professional
Model 1200D
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Overlocker Machines

These perfect Janome Overlockers machines offer a cost effective option for the beginner or
experienced sewer.

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