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The BIG JANOME Skill Share with Jenni Smith! 

The BIG Janome Skill Share Winners!

Many congratulations to The BIG Janome Skill Share winners Claire Campion (Mentor) and Zoe Jackson (Student). Our special thanks to Jenni Smith and the Judges Lynne Edwards MBE and John Scott, together with our Quilt Champions Lucy Engles, Chris English, Lynne Goldsworthy, Jenny Haynes and Lisa Naylor. It was fabulous to see so many people at The Festival of Quilts Show 2021.


Stories from The BIG JANOME Skill Share will be shared during 2021 in the run up to the Janome 100 Year Anniversary. Thank you to all who took part, your entries were amazing. Congratulations to all who made new friends and formed strong relationships during this difficult time.


Claire Campion, Mentor


Zoe Jackson, Student

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The Winners Quilt

Meet the winners!

Skillshare Winners!
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Janome, together with Jenni have launched The BIG JANOME Skill Share. Our aim is to help create more quilters in the world and to celebrate the pride and joy that comes when you share a skill with another person. The BIG JANOME Skill Share collaboration is a development of Jenni Smith’s ‘Just One Quilt’ campaign.

The BIG JANOME Skill Share is about the journey of learning a new skill and sharing the experience, both from the mentor’s perspective and the student’s learning experience. It has the fantastic goal of giving current quilters the confidence to mentor those people who have always fancied trying to make a quilt and finding a whole new generation of quilters.


In 2021 Janome will celebrate its 100th Birthday

We are delighted to have over 100 participants and applications to take part have now closed. Even if you did not enter the competition you can still enjoy sharing the participants journeys with us and this may inspire you to make your own first quilt. The aim for participants is to document their journey. Mentors to help choose fabrics, lend a supportive hand, share the experience, and be rewarded with that magical feeling of having helped to create something special. Participants will have the opportunity to cement a friendship through the simple act of making.

If you are looking for a course guide Jenni’s Ultimate Quilt Course is available to purchase. Both the mentors and students have this resource as a great back-up and helping hand.