The BIG JANOME Skill Share with Jenni Smith! 

The BIG Janome Skill Share Winners!

Many congratulations to The BIG Janome Skill Share winners Claire Campion (Mentor) and Zoe Jackson (Student). Our special thanks to Jenni Smith and the Judges Lynne Edwards MBE and John Scott, together with our Quilt Champions Lucy Engles, Chris English, Lynne Goldsworthy, Jenny Haynes and Lisa Naylor. It was fabulous to see so many people at The Festival of Quilts Show 2021.


Stories from The BIG JANOME Skill Share will be shared during 2021 in the run up to the Janome 100 Year Anniversary. Thank you to all who took part, your entries were amazing. Congratulations to all who made new friends and formed strong relationships during this difficult time.


Claire Campion, Mentor


Zoe Jackson, Student

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The Winners Quilt

Janome, together with Jenni have launched The BIG JANOME Skill Share. Our aim is to help create more quilters in the world and to celebrate the pride and joy that comes when you share a skill with another person. The BIG JANOME Skill Share collaboration is a development of Jenni Smith’s ‘Just One Quilt’ campaign.

The BIG JANOME Skill Share is about the journey of learning a new skill and sharing the experience, both from the mentor’s perspective and the student’s learning experience. It has the fantastic goal of giving current quilters the confidence to mentor those people who have always fancied trying to make a quilt and finding a whole new generation of quilters.


In 2021 Janome will celebrate its 100th Birthday

We are delighted to have over 100 participants and applications to take part have now closed. Even if you did not enter the competition you can still enjoy sharing the participants journeys with us and this may inspire you to make your own first quilt. The aim for participants is to document their journey. Mentors to help choose fabrics, lend a supportive hand, share the experience, and be rewarded with that magical feeling of having helped to create something special. Participants will have the opportunity to cement a friendship through the simple act of making.

If you are looking for a course guide Jenni’s Ultimate Quilt Course is available to purchase. Both the mentors and students have this resource as a great back-up and helping hand.

Mentor & Student, Who's who...

A. Can you make a basic quilt? 


B. Do you wish more people understood why you love this craft so much? 


C. Are you someone who has been saying that “One day I’ll make a quilt”? 


D. Would a helping hand make it less scary to make your first quilt? 

If YES to A or B = Mentor. If YES to C or D = Student. 

A or B + C or D = Mentor & Student.

Support our campaign and tell your friends to follow us by downloading our banner.

6563 - The Big Janome Skill Share Jenni



Two fantastic Janome sewing machines will be awarded to the winning pair who document their quilt making journey and share their story. A top-end Janome long arm sewing machine for the chosen mentor and a mid-level computerised Janome sewing machine for the chosen student. 

Watch what Jenni says about the CM7P

Meet your Judges!


Lynne Edwards MBE

The BIG JANOME Skill Share with Jenni Smith welcomes Lynne Edwards as one of our prestigious Judges. Lynne describes herself as a teacher who quilts, rather than a quilter who does some teaching. As a qualified primary school teacher Lynne has a way of connecting with people and just makes the world feel a better place. 


John Scott 

Presenter • Expert • Influencer

The BIG JANOME Skill Share with Jenni Smith welcomes John Scott as one of our prestigious Judges. John Scott’s varied career in costume design, sewing, fashion, film and TV has taken him from regional theatre to the Hollywood Hills and has given him many fabulous and fascinating roles and experiences along the way. 

The panel of Judges will also include Jenni Smith and a representative from Janome UK.

Meet Your Quilt Champions!


Lucy Engels

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Lucy Engels is a quilter and visual artist from Edinburgh.  With a background in fine art printmaking Lucy creates quilts which are graphic and full of colour.  As well as designing and making functional quilts Lucy also makes wall quilts, writes quilt patterns and screen prints fabric

"I support The BIG JANOME Skill Share because I believe in the importance of nurturing a creative outlet."


Chris English

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Chris English is a modern improv quilt maker based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. He started quilting after making a basic quilt following a pattern, then took a couple of classes. Chris has continued to develop his style and technique, making his quilts from mainly recycled clothing; old shirts, worn out clothes, fabric from charity shops and flea markets and very occasionally a new piece of fabric.


Chris creates improvisational designs also using traditional quilt blocks to make both practical and beautiful quilts. His biggest influences are street art, punk fanzines and fashion design. 

Chris’ work has been featured on TV, in quilting magazines and in books. He regularly teaches at Festival of Quilts and loves to share his passion for quilting.

"One of the great things about the quilting community is a willingness to share and help new quilters begin their own journey, I’ve benefited from lots of quilters help (especially on mitred corners) and would like to share my knowledge and passion for quilting as part of The BIG JANOME Skill Share. I am looking for a student who wants to make a quilt and isn’t afraid to try something different."


Lynne Goldsworthy

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Lynne Goldsworthy is a British quilter who designs and makes both modern and traditional quilts.  She designs for magazines, fabric companies and has written and contributed to numerous quilting books including Quick and Easy Quilts, 500 Quilt Blocks and the Quilt Colour Workshop. She was one of the group of quilters who ran Fat Quarterly, a modern online quilting quarterly.  More recently she is one of the three quilters (together with Karen Lewis and Jo Avery) who founded The Thread House, again organising real and online retreats, and who have recently launched their Folk Dance Block of the Month. 

"I am so excited to join in The BIG JANOME Skill Share to introduce a whole new group of people to the wonderful world of quilting."


Jenny Haynes (Pappersaxten)

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Jenny Haynes (née Nilsson) studied Pattern Cutting and Tailoring in Stockholm and Fashion and Textiles at the London College of Fashion before fully turning her attention to quilts under the name Papper, Sax, Sten.


In 2017 the V&A, along with the publishers Thames & Hudson, asked her to contribute to the book ‘Patchwork & Quilting’.


Jenny’s quilts and patterns have been published in numerous magazines and two of her quilts won awards at QuiltCon 2019 in Nashville.


When Jenny isn’t designing curvy and quirky quilts, she gives talks and workshops for Guilds and textile venues in the UK and abroad, counting her workshops at the V&A  amongst her favourites. 

"I want to get everyone hooked on quilting."


Lisa Naylor

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Lisa’s interest in quilting began, like so many others, after an introduction by a friend.  She was further inspired by a visit to Festival of Quilts and produced her first quilt in 2010.


Lisa relishes encouraging others to take-up quilting which led to her founding the first Modern Quilt Guild in her home city of Leeds.  She also became the co-owner of a Modern Quilting shop. 


Lisa now runs an independent business: Modern Quilt Club, offering quilt kits on a subscription basis. These are ideal for beginners and experienced quilters alike. Modern Quilt Club regularly hosts one of the UK’s popular weekend sewing retreats based in a leafy part of West Yorkshire.

"I believe sharing my quilting passion and knowledge is a great way to introduce people to this lovely community."

Key dates

31st December 2020 Applications closed.

30th April 2021 The closing date for registered applicants quilt journey story entries is midnight.