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Just One Quilt with Jenni Smith

'My dream is to help everyone to make Just One Quilt in their lifetime. My promise is to share all my knowledge and experience in the courses I write and teach. My hope is that our creative journey together starts here.The Just One Quilt campaign is a new venture bringing you 52 short films to celebrate the people who make quilts, including many I have taught and friends made along the way. It's going to be fun, moving, surprising and brought to you from the heart" Jenni Smith

Just One Quilt is an educational platform which features video tutorials as well as an online course where Jenni teaches how to quilt. Her aim is to support people to go and find their local quilt shop, support smaller independent shops or use and recycle things that they already have.

There will be 52 “Just One Quilt” short films of approximately 5 minute’s length each. Each film to be released one per week via Jenni Smith Sews Youtube channel. Each film is also featured on Jenni’s blog of the new educational platform which was launched in May 2019.

Please CLICK HERE to go to the Just One Quilt page.

Jenni has taught hundreds of people how to quilt and has a background in television. She was once nominated for a BAFTA for her work as associate producer on the children’s documentary My Life: Ballet Boys.

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