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Laura is the creator and maker behind Sweet Cinnamon Roses, step-by-step sewing patterns for beginners. She got her first sewing machine while pregnant with her daughter Klara in 2012. Back then she didn’t even know how to turn on the machine, let alone how to sew a straight line. But she loved the idea of creating something she made for her daughter.


So she was eager to learn and started teaching herself. Not long and she got completely pulled into the world of fabric and sewing, making bags, accessories and quilts for her newborn daughter. Fast forward a couple years (by now she also had her son Sami and moved from Germany to the North East of Scotland) and she was totally addicted to sewing and loved being a member of our vibrant, caring and inspiring sewing community online. In 2016 she wrote her first pattern for the See It All Pouch and again, she was hooked. Creating easy-to-follow sewing patterns and helping you to also find the confidence to make whatever you desire, became her passion up to this day. In her patterns, she carefully talks you through step-by-step, like she’s sitting right next to you. Your sewing buddy, guiding you through the process.


Please find her website over at if you would like to know more or try one of her patterns for yourself. 

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Sweet Cinnamon Roses - Pattern Parade 

Your days are full of keeping up with work, homeschooling your little ones, busy to-do lists, whilst maintaining some resemblance of normality and by the end of the day your sewjo has completely left. I see you and I get it. Because I've been there... But I am not anymore. What if I told that you can totally do it, and in fact - we can do it together.


Every day we claim back half an hour to ourselves and use it to be creative, instead of freezing in front of our machines - not knowing what to do or where to start. And that is what the pattern parade is all about - be inspired by small, manageable projects just for you, let me carefully talk you through each project by sharing my fave tips + tricks with you, must-have materials and giving you the knowledge to create with confidence. Finally, I would like to invite you to join our creative community of makers

And this is the plan: eight projects in eight weeks! 

Each project is made within one afternoon - or if you’d like to break it down into smaller chunks, half an hour each day will get you there in a week as well. Whatever suits your life best!


One project each week - totally do-able and I promise you will enjoy it! 

And these are the projects we will be making - each of them a small skill builder in itself 



How to stay informed…

Keeping on top of things and being well organised is probably the biggest struggle right now. Even getting the bins out on time feels hard these days, as one day just seemingly blends into the next one - you know what I am talking about, right? And I don't want to make things any more complicated for you than necessary. So let me talk you through... Are you ready?


Here on this website - on Janome UK - you will find one project each week and I’ll be sharing which features of my Janome MC 6700p I love the most and why.

And I really, really want to hear from you. I would love to see your work and hear your questions. That’s why I created a group on FB just for us to hang out. 


There we get the chance to:
• Hang out and chat without barriers!

• Inspire each other!

• Take part in fun challenges each week!

And most important: learn together - you can literally work yourself though each topic and complete “units” almost like lessons. It’s amazing!

Bonus: Enjoy a FB group exclusive discount code. Win win win!!!


For more about the pattern parade please head over to my website, Sweet Cinnamon Roses

Yayyy, I can’t wait to start and hope you will join me! Take care and stay safe. Laura x 

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Week 1 - Wee Braw Bag

The Wee Braw Bag


Probably the most perfect project bag out there! Perfectly round, reversible, plenty of pockets, so versatile and ohhhh so cute.


If you can sew a straight line - you can make a Wee Braw Bag. It’s really that easy!


When it comes to making a Wee Braw Bag, I love this one particular feature on my Janome MC 6700p. I am using the HP foot and corresponding HP plate - which gives you the perfect 1/4" seam allowance. But when making this bag, you constantly have to swap between a 1/4" and 1/8" seam allowance. And here's the trick - keep your HP foot on throughout the whole project but only change the needle plate. So if you need a 1/4" seam allowance, use the corresponding HP plate. But if you quickly have to swap over to create an 1/8" seam allowance just pop in your standard needle plate and you're ready to go. Your needle automatically moves over a little to the right and you can start sewing straight away... neat, right? 

Week 2 - The Glitta Pouch

The Glitta Pouch


The Glitta Pouch literally sparkles! Yes... you heard it right.


This pouch is, in fact, sparkling and shiny and ohh so fun. And let me tell you a secret - it's not only wee girls that love a shiny pouch! In fact, big girls love them just the same. Maybe even more so. We all remember the days when we were wee... 


Making a Glitta Pouch is super simple - it’s just a few straight lines! But it's all in the detail. More precisely, it's all about your sewing feet. I am using the Ultra Glide foot, the zipper foot (E) and the satin stitch foot (F), as I like to see where I am going... just clip on the foot and you are ready to go! That easy!

Week 3 - Improv Piecing

Improv piecing


Is all about fabric placement, intuition and letting go.


Improv isn't a precise science; but about the journey. You might not end up with exactly the block you imagined at first. And that's ok. Be open and embrace the beauty of the randomness you achieve with this techniques. You will create something perfectly unique, reflecting your personality.


And when it comes to improv piecing, there is one feature I love in particular. And that's the HP foot and corresponding HP plate. The HP foot always creates a perfect 1/4" seam allowance - no matter what. Just guide the fabric along the edge of your foot and the machine does the rest for you. Super precise. Always! And the neat thing about the HP plate is the position of the needle hole. It's only one small hole - directly underneath your needle (as you can't change your needle position using the HP foot and plate in combination). That guarantees that no fabric is ever "eaten" by your machine. Especially at the start if you plan stitching close to the edge, where your fabric is prone to being pulled into the hole of your plate. With the hole being super small - that doesn’t happen anymore! Such a treat and no more wrangling fabric out of the guts of your sewing machine...

Week 4 - The I Heart You Bag

The I Heart You Bag


The I Heart You Bag - probably one of the easiest patterns and a great starting point if you’ve never inserted a zipper before... or for teaching someone who might think sewing isn’t cool but in fact, deep inside will love making things all by themselves... If you can teach them how to sew a straight line – they can insert a zipper and make this bag! It won’t be long until they start quilting and, as we all know, there is no way back from there! 


When it comes to making the I Heart You Bag there is one, very basic feature I love. The zipper foot. No need to be intimidated by it, I promise!! It's just a very narrow foot that easily glides along the edge of your zipper - skinny enough not to interfere with your zipper teeth. This helps you create a straight and even seam. After installing the zipper, keep the zipper foot on for just a little longer. Carefully change the needle position a little to the right, just above the gap in your zipper foot. Now line up the right edge of your zipper foot with edge of your fabric for topstitching. And there you go... zippers are super-duper easy. Just a couple straight lines!

Week 5 - See It All Pouch

See It All Pouch


How many things need organised in your life....?!?! Right! Cute little pouches for your sewing notions, cosmetics, wet wipes, your kids Legos, pencils and notebooks - the See It All Pouch is just perfect and oh so cute. No more zip loc bags for you!


Making a See It All Pouch is super simple - it’s just a few straight lines! But they have to be done right, and for that I am using two different sewing feet: the zipper foot and the Ultra Glide foot. Obviously, the zipper foot works really well for inserting the zipper, but it's also super helpful when it comes to topstitching. Carefully change the needle position a little to the right, just above the gap in your zipper foot. Line up the right edge of your zipper foot with edge of your fabric for topstitching and the zipper is neatly sewn in place. And for the final assembly, the Ultra Glide Foot comes in super handy - it just easily glides over all layers without being stuck to the vinyl...

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